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Filming offers an exciting career, however one that demands long hours of work on tasks such as story development, screenplay, casting, direcing, editing, distrbution.

For filmmakers, pre-production, production and post production summarizes what their daily lives revolve around

Filming is akin to a woman carrying a seed in her womb for months. Her body feels like its tearing apart as the seconds tick away. In a remote community, middle-aged women trained as midwives are telephoned in the middle of a cold night to assist a teenager in labour.

Africa is a continent bedeviled with socio-economic, political, religious and ethnic uncertainties requires more than textbook knowledge from Hollywood. Surprisingly, we realize that these regions have the best stories waiting to be told, from the forest-clothed slopes of Mount Kenya to the snow-capped peak of Kilimanjaro in Tanzania beautifully superimposed by amazing landscapes.

They are like perfect paintings. The people and their lands, fauna and flora and they interact with each other. By creating and nurturing the right relationships, a project’s success rate will increased exponentially.

Our multicultural team knows the terrain and the psychology that fuels a buy-in into a project. Over the years, we have executed projects our clients are proud of, working around the clock to deliver the best, no excuse whatsoever.

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