Nosarieme GarrickProducer

About Nosarieme: Executive Producer, Writer and Director of My Africa Is, Nosa, brings to Refined Creative international experience in audience engagement, content development, field production, and social media. Bi-lingual and a graduate of St. John’s University, New York, Nosa holds a BSc in Communication Arts and a BA in French.

Nosarieme’s Work: Nosa’s ability to strategically position content extends from online to off. She is a fantastic resource when identifying and pursuing funding opportunities, such as film-making grants, especially to create compelling proposals for companies with an interest in seeing a different narrative about the African continent. She is fluent in many social media platforms, analytics and also able to shoot as a one-man-band; filming on DSLR, operating sound equipment, and two light set-up.

Nosarieme’s Affiliations: Nosa’s writing has featured on CNN’s Christiane Amanpour blog, Women’s ENews, MTV Staying Alive blog, TW Magazine, Sahara Reporters, and Africa Is a Country. She has straddled the line as a producer in digital and broadcast formats, producing content for networks such as PBS, Showtime, and the Travel Channel.

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