Jemila AbdulaiAssociate Producer & Talent

About Jemila: A media and international development professional, Jemila combines her business, communications and project management expertise with her strong passion for Africa. An economist by training, Jemila secured her MA in International Economics and International Affairs from Johns Hopkins SAIS. She has worked in over 10 countries, the majority of which are African and speaks Arabic and French.

Jemila’s Work: Jemila is the Creative Director and Founding Editor of the award-winning website; an online platform dedicated to meaningful insights, interaction and creative action related to Africa and Africans. A blogger and avid communicator, she excels at creating content, connections and conversations.

Jemila’s Affiliations: Jemila works with Africa-oriented brands, companies and organizations like the African Development Bank create and leverage digital content and tools.More recently, Jemila is applying her people and storytelling skills to film; working as a host and an associate producer on two Refined Creative projects.

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