Jeffrey D. AllenProducer

Refined Creative’s Jeff is an Emmy-award winning producer, shooter and editor. He is also a lot of fun to have around. Jeff’s enthusiasm and charisma is evident and dedication, unmatched. Jeff combines his Bachelor’s degree in Telecommunication, Information and Media Studies from Michigan State University with experience in navigating a range of networks, non-profit and organizations across the globe.  He has consulted on several projects with Refined Creative and continues to contribute significantly on plot development, casting and production.

Jeffrey’s work has taken him to different corners of the world. You are most likely to find him in  40º F weather of the North Main woods, the dry veld of the Savannah or perhaps the barrios of Rio De Janeiro. He is just as savvy in the boardrooms as he is adventurous in the Great Outdoors. Jeffrey has worked with Anthony Bourdain: Paris Unknown, National Geographic : Tobacco & Man V Monster, Discovery Channel’s Dual Survival and the US  Department of State.

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