Hassatou DialloLead Researcher

About Hassatou:

Hassatou has over 10 years of experience working in research and communications for nonprofit, international development, governmental, and media organizations. She has been a part of the Refined Creative team since its conception. She is passionate about the facts. Early in her career, she realized the value of solid research in making one’s voice heard. Born in Guinea and raised in the U.S., she continues to use her skills advocating for underserved students, women and others throughout Africa, their voices are also hers.

Hassatou’s Work:

Hassatou is an experienced writer, editor and content producer, creating content for websites, reports, documentary films, news articles, opinion pieces, briefing papers, speeches, and presentations on a range of issues, including extractive industries, climate change, economic reforms, education, gender equality, human rights, international financial institutions, and reproductive health rights.

Hassatou’s Affiliations:

Her research has benefited many organizations including; the World Bank Governance for Extractive Industries and Open Contracting Programs, Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA), My Africa Is, Hope of Guinea, The Bank Information Center (BIC), Gender Action, and the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Guinea to the United Nations.

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