Nothing is Possible Without Unity

Duration: 3:19-minutes

Production Year: 2017


Her home was called the ‘’Ebola Household

Seny Lamah, like the 12,000 deaths recorded, also lost family members to the deadly epidermic. While the world may know the statistics, people like Seny, have grappled with grief and loss, post-Ebola. Perhaps more tragic than the tragedy itself, is the stigmatization she has had to live with.

Isolated and lost, Hélène K. Zogbelemou a member of the DPD, helps Seny rebuild her life and ultimately, rebuild the Nerekore community, broken by death and fear. This story emphasizes the essence in unity and solidarity in a time of pain.



Conciliation Resources Is an independent  international organization working to prevent violence, resolve conflicts and promote peaceful societies in the world.

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