Poaching- Soul Buffalo

Duration: 3:21

Production Year: 2017


“The world is our classroom”

Imagine bringing the world’s most challenging problems, first-hand to the people who can make a difference? Would we be more incensed for change if global concerns were a little more close to us?

Soul Buffalo, brings experiential education to world leaders and organizations in hopes of identifying the opportunities that lay in global challenges. In this documentary, founder David Ford explores the environmental perils of poaching. As at 2014, 100,000 elephants have been killed while 7,245 rhinos, slaughtered. By bringing the ‘right’ people to these truths, Soul Buffalo hopes to inspire innovation-thinking and practical solutions can be created for a better world.

In this documentary, we come face to face to the perils of poaching in Zimbabwe. The killing of Cecil, the Lion, in 2015, while largely unnoticed by native Zimbabweans, sparked a global outrage on the protection of wild life. Painted Dog Conversation is taking the proactive steps to ensure that poaching is properly monitored.


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Soul Buffalo

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