Duration: 27 minutes

Production Year: 2015


Over the last 30 to 50 years, mining activities in the West African Region have steadily increased. In Cote D’Ivoire, Nigeria and Ghana, mining oil, diamonds and gold, is a driving force in transforming economy and livelihood.

But what about the people who live in these mining communities? This story captures, the experiences of three people whose lives bear no reflection of the lucrative mining business.

Where are the remunerations for people living in mining communities? What are the policies that ensure the security of the citizens? What are the health implications of living in a mining town? Where do they access justice? How do they sustain their upkeep if their lands are taken away for mining purposes?

Perspective, is produced and distributed by Refined Creative brings this reality to the fore in hopes, of a better life for mining communities.


This film has been screened  and on broadcast television in urban and rural communities throughout West Africa.

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Open Society Foundation West Africa (OSIWA): Works to enable open societies an inclusive democratic governance that are based on transparent and accountable institutions and an active citizenry.

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