Nelly’s Story- 15 years of PEPFAR

Duration: 3:21 | Production Year: 2017


When Nelly, found that she was HIV positive, it felt as though the world stood still. In her own words “I wanted the earth to split open so i could enter it.” She knew the open discrimination she would face from her family and community. For 10 years, Nelly believed that HIV/Aids would rob her of motherhood and the will to lead a normal life.
But Nelly’s life changes when she finds a PEPFAR-supported clinic in Kenya. PEPFAR – The US President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief has transformed the global response to AIDS around the word. Through PEPFAR, people like Nellie are one of the 14 million people who have access to the right medicine and proper healthcare for people living with AIDS.


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US State Department and USAID

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