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Duration: 3:47

Production Year: 2016

Since the initiative began, there has not been a single life lost under a TBA’s watch

The Northern parts of Ghana, West Africa, continues to record the country’s highest mortality rates. Maternal deaths repeatedly occur for lack of resources and proximity to health centers. There is little or no education on health practices during and after childbirth.

In the Gia community of the Kasenna Nankana District of the Upper East Region, the proactive efforts of Oxfam ensures that health-care is brought to mothers in their homes. Traditional Birth Attendants (TBA) are providing educational, physical and mental support for mothers in Gia; Here’s how…


This video is part of 3 Videos distributed via Oxfam staff and volunteers to communities across Ghana.


Oxfam Ghana: works to reduce poverty and inequality by supporting influencing and advocacy around three interconnected pillars; Agriculture, Essential Services and Extractive Industry Governance.

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