Luminous Warrior

Duration: 1:46-minutes

Production Year: 2012


In the USA, more than half of the 57 million recorded mental cases, have at one point or the other suffered an attack of a violent or sexual nature. Trauma can leave lasting effects on it’s survivors.

Luminous Warrior is self-defense training program that combines Shamanic healing and Krav Maga, a mixed martial arts system to help trauma survivors heal wholesomely.

Survivors who undertake this program are able to address the underpinnings of their experience as well as tackle repair work required head-on. While Krav Maga alerts an individual militant skills, Shamanic healing brings balance, addressing the mental, physical and emotional challenges.

As founder of Luminous Warrior puts it “Healing from trauma is different than understanding it”. In this video, supporters of sexual abuse survivors, undergo training so that they too can heal the emotional and psychological strain, working in the field of trauma.




Luminous Warrior: Offers the world’s most thorough training in Shamanic Energy Medicine combined with cutting-edge practices in nutrition, biology and neuroscience.

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