Looking Up : Find What Matters





Production Year: 2015

Our Role

Emmanuel and Jeff were Segment Producers for the project. Their role was to work the casting agents, local production companies, the ad agency – Caviar and the client Chevy Global to find the possible people and stories .

Emmanuel working developed the stories in Austin, Texas and Seoul Korea.

Jeff developed the stories in Mexico City and Dubai.



A series of 4 two to three minute videos.

Looking Up – Find What Matters –  Can you leave your mobile phone in a box for a day? Can you take in the world around you and live in the moment? Could you disengage for a time, to play with your son, share an ice-cream cone with your wife, place your feet in the sand while you meditate? Can you look up when everyone is looking down?

This film is a part of a series that connects people from three different continents, as they step away from a virtually connected world, to embrace their humanity. The Chevy Looking Up campaign asks us to assess our relationship with technology. As one of the worlds, highly connected brands, Chevy does not lose sight of the truth, that it is within ourselves, can we carry real connection, with ourselves and others.

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