Oxfam Ghana Climate Change

Duration: 3:47-minutes

Production Year: 2016


Every year, the most parts of Northern Ghana experience either severe droughts in the dry season or alarming floods. During this time, lives and property are at constant risk, as pest and diseases spread.
Livelihoods are affected both mortally and economically. At some point, we must ask: Are we anywhere close to achieving our environmental Millienium Development Goal?
Oxfam is doing something about that. Through it’s Climate Change Adaptation Goals, people like Lamisi Sandoh in the Sunimbohar community, have been trained to use innovative cooking methods to help curb the rapid climatic
As an ambassador, Lamisi continues to train others in her community. For Lamisi, one Improved Cooking Stove made, will ensure our trees and forests are preserved.




Oxfam Ghana: works to reduce poverty and inequality by supporting influencing and advocacy around three interconnected pillars; Agriculture, Essential Services and Extractive Industry Governance.

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