Emmanuel and Jeff, typically for taking up daring projects that opens them up to other people’s worlds got on a Chevrolet commercial as Segment Producers. Skipping from airport to hotel to city centre to local restaurant in different countries to interview people seemed like a fun adventure not to be passed by the duo.

Looking Up – Find What Matters is a promotional video sanctioned by global car giants, Chevrolet to inspire greater interaction among people in a technology-driven world. Random individuals in busy cities around the world were asked if they could live without their phones for a day. What we discovered is a reminder for us not to look down so much that we forget to look up.

Emmanuel was asked to share his experience being on the project.

He giggles and blurts. “It was not fun, it was super fun! Oh my goshh!”

Jeff grins along and nods. “It was soo much fun”

To see more videos they helped produced, check this out Korea, Mexico and UAE.

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