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At Refined Creative, we check our emails always, almost to the point of paranoia. We respond to enquiries within two days of receipt. Also, team members are kept abreast of relevant information while clients and partners are updated regularly on work progress.

Team Bonding

Food is universal and. Food is a common language, so often our team makes time to eat out together. Here, Shakiru and Owusua interact over dinner after a meeting with a client in Accra, Ghana.

Shared Ideas

We boast some of the best works on the continent, thus we are concerned about continuously providing high production value to our clients. To achieve this, we share ideas, follow directions and make things happen.


Internally, our calendar is crucial to our workflow. Whether it is an internal meeting we must have, a phone interview, plan our travels, or just checking up with a client, the shared calender is a valuable resource.


Travelling is a core part of our work and often we find ourselves in the remotest parts of Africa. Here, Emmanuel (left) and two others travelling a dusty road cover their noses and mouths with makeshift facemasks.

In every organization, workflow is important, actually, not just important but very important if products and services are to reach their desired destination. At Refined Creative, we ensure that members appreciate the team’s culture in driving organiational objectives. Here are five things we important things we love to do.

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