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Collaboration has always been a kickoff of our workforce. Emmanuel always emphasizes on teamwork and its importance but a couple of months ago, all these were just words. There were many instances where getting work done took twice as much as time as was needed when we all focused solely on our individual selves. This delay was as a result of us working on individual task and each struggling to get their work done with very little help from the other.

When  we  learnt and began to depend on collaboration and working on projects became less stressful. Despite work being delegated, we all contribute in its execution.

RC team prepping for a project

Challenges arise daily but team work helps us notice and solve them just in time. It also serves as a learning and teaching process which increases job satisfaction. Communication which is also part of collaboration is required when working on all projects. It informs team members on all projects so they are adequately informed and boosts confidence when executing these tasks.

PK and Nwadi arguing about whose nationality makes the best jollof whiles editing

RC team sharing a meal after brainstorming on a project

Watching rough cuts of a production as a team

At Refined Creative, collaboration comes first in all we do.

Whether it’s arguing about who’s nationality makes the best Jollof or making fun of the way we chew our food, each moment produces amazing results that are visible in our works. Working and dinning as a family has created an open relation which has helped multiply our resources.

To see what we do and how we process ideas, check out our portfolio here

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