The Soul Searchers

A Trilogy is about vibrant, full characters from various walks of life and at various stations in life. These are stories about black lives and their encounters with humanity. It is about trying recognize and hold on to the best of what is inside of us – our souls.

Get Thee Behind Me

In the first story of the three short film, Get Thee Behind Me, the main character, Jeremiah is an adult who gives account to race relations and growing up in an African American BaptistChurch. Jeremiah narrates a time when he was a twelve-year-old in the early 70′s. While questioning his faith and sanity, Jeremiah believes that he can push off demonic spirits by saying, “Get thee behind me!” His soul searching and devil rebuking begins after overhearing his mother and grandmother talk about the devil taking control of a woman from church. The story is a mix of his imagination and fears infused into his daily task and dreams.

Two Pink Dots? You Positive?

The second short film titled: two Pink Dots? You Positive? is a contemporary narrative where teenage Sarah is in the late stages of pregnancy. From the struggles of labor to questioning the inner doubts of being a mother, this narrative reveals the inner battles of bringing a child in the world. Searching her soul for various answers, from her educational pursuits while being a mother to questions of how the father will support her, Sarah gives many dimensions to the question the of two Pink Dots.

Middle Skin (Joy and Pain)

The Third film begins with forty year olds Hezekiah Blue and his wife Catherine (Cat) Jones Blue talking about marriage. The loving atmosphere suddenly shifts as Hezekiah and Cat engage in a long bitter argument that is an indicator of the real pattern of their marriage. Hezekiah exits the house for a surreal journey on the streets. On his journey, he engages in the lives of several people in various stages of emotional pain. In the fantastic world that he has stepped into and with questioning angels at his side, Hezekiah is able to bring some sense of joy to these painful lives. After his last encounter, Hezekiah joyfully rises in the air and floats above it all. Back down to earth, Hezekiah stands outside his house while Cat watches him from inside. As Hezekiah enters back into his own real world, the question remains one of joy or pain. Imagination, fantasy, pain and the search for joy are all at play in this story of interior adult lives.

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