Sexy is a music video for fun. In the fall of 2009 when Emmanuel got my hands on a Canon 5D Mark II, he wanted to tell a story and experiment with this DSLR camera. A friend of his, Kyle Strand, loves music and with the inspiration of from the silliness the musical comedians – Flight of the Conchords, Kyle shared with him a song called “Sexy”. As soon as he heard the song, they immediately brainstormed some visuals a simple story and try to solidify some dates of when we can shoot.

First Day of shooting: Fall of 2009

We had all these outdoor scenes planned out, a few locations selected and boom, it starts raining. So rather than give up and not shoot anything, we shot interior shots and improvised on what the weather brought us.

Second Day of shooting: Fall of 2010

A full year had passed, DC had the famous Snowmageddon, his paid film and video jobs had required 6 months of travel and Kyle had his day job.

Emmanuel lived alone in a house with 2 acres of undiscovered land, including a creek and thought that was a perfect location for needed shots.

Video: This is a version of music video called “Sexy” they played with just testing ergonomics and ease, and didn’t bother with color correction.

Enjoy the video.

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