Set in 1973, twelve year old Jeremiah waits for his mother and longingly watches twelve-year-old Sandra walk down the street. When he hears his mother and grandmother speak of the devil getting into Miss Lillian Jr., a woman from church, his imagination is pushed into overdrive. Jeremiah wonders how the devil could get into anyone at his solidly Baptist black church. He also wonders if the devil could possibly get into him. In Jeremiah’s adventure of the mind and spirit he sees devil-like apparitions at his bedroom window and animated devils singing on TV. Even his recent baptism seems to wear off as the thought of the devil coming after him fills his every waking moment. Jeremiah questions his sanity, his new attractions and whether his soul can be saved, or safe, from Lucifer’s stalking. His angels prove to be the gold toothed, spirit filled Miss Lillian Jr., “the woman who started all this devil stuff”, and Sandra, the girl of his budding affection.

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