This is a documentary about an African-American who has returned to Africa in pursuit of connecting to land that his ancestors were uprooted from over 500 years ago. His journey, however, does not begin with his pilgrimage to Ghana. It starts with him leaving the US, living in various countries such as South Korea, Thailand and now the Gulf region. But ultimately, these countries bring him closer to what his spirit desires: AFRICA. Embark on this Journey with him and see what Africa has to offer.

Client & Distribution

The Demontray Lockhart self published the distribution of the video via Youtube and Africa.com. There are currently more than 15,000 views via youtube.


More information on Demantray’s journey can be found at: https://www.africa.com/exploring-african-roots-homecoming-journey-ghana/


Producer/Cinematographer – Emmanuel

Editor- PK & Emmanuel

Assistant Editor- Ivy

Production Assistants: Myra and Shakiru

Scripting: Demontray, Myra, Shakiru and Emmanuel

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