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At a lunch with Owusua one crisp afternoon, we got into a brief yet interesting conversation which opened us to a special part of her world. she shared her experience working with Refined Creative on a food documentary, ‘Indigenous’. At the mention of Indigenous, she stopped to look up, spoon was halfway to her parted lips, eyes glistening and cheeks flashing a warm, excited dimple smiles. There was no doubt she had a lot on her plate, a portion of fried rice with spring onions, egg and fish, and a stack of project files waiting to be reviewed.

It was an interesting experience to be part of Indigenous. Visiting places up north of Ghana and meeting new people was fascinating, and to learn about their foods especially Fonia and Tuo-Zaafi. It was great learning about how climate change was affecting the food we eat

She’s had her hands on a number of film projects in Ghana but prefers keep it simple. Having risen steadily from being a production assistant to an associate producer, she’s had quality time lifting gear boxes, scouting locations, reviewing scripts, scheduling shoots, prepping talents, supervising crew, reviewing budget and enjoying good food in different cities.

We were not done yet. Owusua went ahead to share her experience being a woman in filmmaking.

In a production, I don’t want to be treated differently because I’m a woman. If I must carry gear, I’ll carry it and not assume certain tasks are for men and others for women. For instance, I have been on some sets where some ladies show up to exhibit their makeups, clothes and instead of doing real work, they prefer to just play the cheerleader’s role and often satisfied with simply handling food or taking notes ‘because they are women’. That’s a no-no for me. Everybody should have equal opportunities to prove themselves so I tell young ladies to join a Production not hoping to be treated with soft gloves. You are not there to just feel good, without contributing anything significant that drives the project forward.

Indeed, in this bubble, one is almost always working through multiple projects and at different stages. This requires disciplined, focused and experienced hands if clients are to be made happy.

Yes, from when an email pops in, Owusua, with a bunch of other creatives are ready to start a relationship that will bring the client’s ideas to life. Asked why she does what she does, she said there were more stories than people to tell them. This is her drive. To learn more about Owusua and her work, click here.

Our team is a unique and rich blend of cross-cultural individuals from different continents, working to tell great stories that resonate with people across cultures.

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Photo credit: Emmanuel Etim

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