In Behind the Scenes

Refined Creative was to do some b-roll shots at the 37 Miitary Hospital in Accra. I was invited to join the crew. It was a nice opportunity to have a peek into the world of filming in Accra and much more with an inernational firm. I took the plunged. I was thrown in the bubble of something new. We were to do a man-on-the-street shoot of people saying what their favourite foods were.

For the day, I was tasked to assist Namata in speaking to potential talents among whom were passersby, shop owners and street vendors while Derrick assisted Emmanuel with set up.

Though I have interacted with strangers in the past, I got nervous but with some ice breaker from team members, i got in the groove and helped get and prepare talents. It was easy getting some to speak while others needed more convincing that we were not a local TV station. Communicating in the local dialect also helped to stir their interest and gain acceptance.

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