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RC Facebook – 454 PANO in Guinea

Like every part of the world, there are amazing stories to be shared. How do we tell these stories if language becomes our barrier?

Have you ever had trouble communicating with someone from another culture? How do you build this gap?

During shoot in Guinea for our projects “Dialogue for peace” and “Nothing is impossible without Unity”, Emmanuel was challenged to bridge the language barrier to give directions to our talent, Madam Coco.

Through our journey in production, we’ve come to realize that despite the differences in dialects and accents, we all share that one unique message. It usually takes a few hours of bonding or sharing a meal to realize that the we’re all not different. Trust is built when efforts are made to bond with people in target communities.

When filming in some communities in Africa, one has to pay homage to the chief of that community. It is considered a sign of disrespect when any crew just shows up in those communities with cameras. How does one know these details if they are not able to communicate with the locals to learn about their culture. Or make the tiniest effort to bond with them.

Africans take pride in culture and believe every story they share should include that part of their everyday life.

Work at Refined Creative has taught the most introverted to take risks and be open whether they speak the same language or not. Even with the slightest effort to understand their language or culture, people tend to go the extra mile to assist whenever you need that help.

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