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First Screening for Indigenous Ghana

Where does your food come from?  What is indigenous to Ghana? Is climate change affecting our food choices?

Indigenous Ghana episode was  one of my personal favorite production despite the surprises we experienced as a team. Throughout our travels from Tamale, Paga, Bolgatanga, Chereponi, right down to Kumasi and back to Accra, food and its production was our main focus.

Our expedition which exposed us to different food tastes and culture quickly turned into lessons on climate change. To delve deeper into climate change, it’s causes and possible solution we spoke to  intellects from  both the academic and practical fields in Ghana.

Fonio grains being processed at Chereponi

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Fonio being processed

On a scouting journey to Madina market, a suburb of Accra, the most beautiful scene met our eyes. We were excited and thought “this was that needed shot” as we drove back to the office. A few days later, we set out with gears ready to shoot but were met with disappointing scenes. The questions our four member team on this shoot asked  each other was “what happened? Why is today’s  scene different?”.

Despite our disappointment, we went ahead to talk to a few about their favorite indigenous meals and how different food system has changed over the years. The question still remained.

What truely is indigenous?

Is it indigenous because it is grown here?

Or is it because of the way it’s prepared?

Is climate change affecting the foods we eat?

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Bambara groundnuts known in Ghana as Bambara beans on sale at the Madina market, Accra
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fufu being served at a local chopbar

Filming a food show when fasting or trying to check your diet was one of the most challenging parts of post production . I always watched P.K closely as he edited  and wondered how he was able to survive with a bottle of water or coconut juice. He sat for hours editing whereas some of us were always in the kitchen with some munchies.

The screenings which took place a while back in Accra started debates with everyone voicing their opinion. While we attentively took notes, we right away realized that no one could be pleased entirely. What was indigenous to each was different and the true winners for the jollof war between Ghana and Nigeria was brought to light.

Second Indigenous Ghana Screening
image1 (1)
First screening, Indigenous Ghana
Second Screening, Indigenous Ghana

With great lessons learnt, we began exploring food, culture and climate change in other African countries. Both internally and externally , we all agree that indigenous remains that one show with diverse opinions both internally and externally.

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