Namata Serumaga MusisiAssociate Producer & Art Director

About Namata: Namata is a creative from the world of architecture, working to facilitate positive dialogue by creating physical and virtual spaces in which communities can thrive. Passionate about art, social progress and cohesion in Africa, Namata helps curate and deliver strong content that cuts across multiple demographics.

Namata’s Work: Namata’s experience ranges from commercial and residential architecture, both on the drafting board and on site, to artistic/creative engagement and advocacy. She has taken on a number of roles in the development narrative, exploring how the dynamic African dialogue can define development. At Refined Creative, Namata is an Associate Producer and Art Director.

Namata’s Affiliations: Namata’s project, ‘The Griot Introspect’, is a consolidation of experiences and observations of the Urban African into a developing philosophy that can be implemented, reconfigured and replicated in various African urban spaces.

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