Kobina AidooConsultant & Researcher
    About Kobina: Kobina holds a B.A. in Communications from Barry University, Miami and a Master’s in Public Policy with specialization in Trade and Finance from Harvard Kennedy School of Government.
    Kobina’s Work: Kobina has worked at the intersection of business, economic policy, and communications. He has also produced several TV shows and documentary films. He has produced and screened ‘The Ne0-African-Americans’ in many countries around the world, a film that explores the impact of immigration on the Africa American. Kobina’s multi-faceted approach to communication enables him to collaborates and consults with Refined Creative on different projects.
    Kobina’s Affiliations: Kobina has worked with several multi-national organizations including; Warner Bros, De Beers, World Bank and most recently at the African Center for Economic Transformation (ACET), a Pan-African economic policy think tank.
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