Emmett WilliamsWriter & Producer

    About Emmett: As an award-winning television producer, internationally known musician, nationally exhibited photographer, and published writer, Emmett has made a career out of using art to make a difference in the world around him. From North and South America to Asia and Africa, he has several years of experience travelling and filming in multicultural countries, building strong teams and promoting positive relationships.

    Emmett’s Work: With his focus on non-fiction content, Emmett crafts stories and ensures that all perspectives are considered. He founded Mission Man Media to tell stories in ways that have not been told before. His stories are inspired by the people he meets as he travels the world and causes he is passionate about. His visuals often take his audiences to places and people they would not otherwise meet and share their experiences on large platforms, connecting them through empathy and understanding of the issues and victories they encounter daily. Regardless of the nature of his content, Emmett keeps his art accessible to a wide audience.

    Emmett’s Affiliations: After many years writing and producing for broadcast television, Emmett is solely focused on creating compelling and entertaining web series and documentaries, including Fargesn Media Project, Camp Twitch & Shout: The Movie and the upcoming feature length film, ‘In Service’. He is currently involved with Refined Creative on Indigenous Ghana and Zambia, an Open Society Foundation for West Africa (OSIWA) project.

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