Visual Essay: A good suit

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Steve Pelman shares his tailoring journey since 1973.

A story produced by Tony Zhou

I have always been a fashion enthusiast since childhood and was privileged enough to have learnt sewing at an early stage from my mother. We were tasked internally to pick a video for an internal presentation. Being confused initially, I settled on this video since it was one of my most comfortable topics to handle.

As i began watching the video, I realized that this inspirational piece about Steve Pelman’s journey in fashion was not just fashion. The piece communicated the importance of practice and dedication in every craft your find yourself in.  With that message, I decided to apply determination to every thing I touch which is gradually exposing me different fields I’ve never really thought about. With efforts, I may soon be working on the craziest animated movie or even breaking down a minute video into thousands mini detailed shots.

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